Valentine’s Day Gifts

Xin Chao ~ Bonjour!

Valentine’s Day Gifts – Discover the seduction of food and cooking at its finest and share a unique experience with your lover this year. Our French-inspired Vietnamese Cooking Class is designed for you to have fun together in an intimate environment topped off with wining and dining!

Celebrate your love with this sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts!


French influence over Vietnamese Foods

You’ll be immersed in French influence with foods where there’s something tempting to eat everywhere you look. Vietnamese food is a diverse blend of healthy herbs, meat and seafood that’s packed with flavors, and delicious healthy packed baguettes that burst with freshness.

France established a colony in Vietnam in 1850s when things started to change slowly. Among many things, the French brought their own foods, which slowly but surely began to influence over many Vietnamese dishes. Many recipes introduced by the French that are now used so frequently in Vietnamese cooking that they are considered a part of Vietnamese culinary culture.

Perhaps the noticeable recipes of modern Vietnamese food that were inspired by the French are cream caramel, coffee and baguettes. Your can walk in any streets of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An… you can experience the dark chocolatey Vietnamese coffee, cream caramel and freshly baked light brown loaves.

Valentine’s Day Gifts Includes

  • Hands on Cooking Lesson guided by our Chef
  • Introduction to Knife Skills (in case things don’t work out!)
  • French Vietnamese Cooking Techniques
  • 4-Course Meal valentine’s romantic evening
  • Equivalent of 1 Bottle of French sparkling and red wine per couple
  • No need to shop valentine’s gift as complimentary chocolate to share between you and your partner
  • How Vietnamese and French Foods work together
  • How to have fun and experiment with food
  • Making lovely recipes with fresh local produce
  • 5-6 couples only in Valentine’s Day Gifts

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