Don’t take our word for it! Hear what others have to say about cooking with us.

“We just loved this experience. Chef Ha was friendly, helpful,fun and experienced. The food was delicious and fun and easy to create. The whole family loved it!”
Debra T, VIC, April 2015
“Thoroughly enjoyed a weekend cooking school with Chef Ha. I didn’t know what to expect and it was fun and the food delicious. Especially great for me was Chef Ha’s efforts to accommodate my need for gluten free food. I did not feel as if I was missing out at all! I picked up some great tips as well. So glad I went!”
Stephanie M, VIC, August 2015
“Fun and delicious! Great value and best night out in a long time.”
Khadija D, VIC, February 2015
“Fabulous menu surprisingly easy and extremely tasty!”
Irene V, VIC, September 2015
“The menu was simple to get started, all the great flavours of Vietnam. Ha is a great teacher and makes the evening laid back. The shop is well set up and it is a fun learning environment. I walked away knowing more about the ingredients and it increased my desire to visit Vietnam. I will return to do the duck class. Highly recommend it. Best wishes to Ha.”
Kim K, VIC, May 2015
“The cooking course was really enjoyable, Chef Ha will not only teach you how to prepare certain dishes but will also explain their history with a few personal anecdotes, all very educational and entertaining! The class was very relaxed and stress-free, ideal for people who’ve just had a long day at work. The venue is really well suited for its purpose and no doubt you’ll enjoy the class too.”
Sean Y, VIC, June 2015
“I loved the small class sizes and they were hands on. Chef Ha is amazing!”
Janet D, VIC, February 2015
“Learning how to whip up fresh and delicious Vietnamese dishes at OTAO Kitchen was both a delight and a wonderful experience. Highly recommended.”
Kym H, VIC, November 2014
“We participated in Chef Ha Nguyen’s Hanoi Vietnamese Cooking class on Saturday 18 April. It was a small group of 9 people including the chef. His class space is minimalist chic with modern cooking equipment and trendy food inspired traditional decorations. The class includes all equipment and ingredients and Ha Nguyen went above and beyond by explaining the back ground,culture and health benefits to the ingredients and spices we were cooking with. Each dish we created he personally assisted us with, and yet we were free to use our own innovation and creativity in the kitchen space. We finished the class off with a banquet of beef pho noodles and champagne with grilled spiced pork and green papaya salad. Very impressed and would highly recommend this class to all, it was a fantastic couples weekend activity and would also be great to do as a hens weekend or with a visiting relative. Give it a try!”
Jenna W, QLD, April 2015
“This was my birthday present from my son and his girlfriend! I was a bit nervous as even though I have a huge interest in food & wine, I’m only used to cooking at home for family. As soon as we entered any concerns I had were put to rest, they are so friendly and helpful.
After all the introductions, with a class of 7, we started cooking. First up we made a dipping sauce, you choose how much flavourings and heat you want in it, after all you will be eating this afterwards! Next up the pancakes with prawns and pork, as the batter was pre-made we were given instruction on how it was made. Again really good tuition as we went along, we actually ate these there and then wrapped in a lettuce leaf, I’m surprised how good they were. Next up little dumpling/donuts, again easy enough. Mains was a marinated fish, we made the marinate for your own taste, once cooked we went outside to sit down and eat what we had made – it had all turned out really well. If you want to know anything about Asian Cooking this is the place to go, excellent in every way.”
Richard H, Torquay UK, March 2015