Ultimate Italian Cooking Courses

If your dream is to learn to cook nice foods at home, or you just love the idea of developing your cooking skills, consider attending our Ultimate Italian Cooking Courses. Our Ultimate Italian Cooking Courses in Melbourne are taught by our best Chef instructors. You will be taught various techniques that are necessary to navigate the kitchen with everyday foods.


Ultimate Italian Cooking Courses Size: 5 – 12 Duration: 3 hours. Price $145 per session 


  • Gain fluency and ease in the kitchen with this Ultimate Italian Cooking Courses
  • The fundamentals of Italian cooking and ingredients
  • How to make your own story with a cooking, sharing and eating bonding experience
  • Complimentary refresher drinks and some Italian wines and beverages
  • The freshest quality food and ingredients locally sourced from the Prahan Markets
  • Learn tips and tricks 


  • If you can’t make it for particular day and let us know 7 days in advance, you can come back in next available cooking classes.


  • Each class you will make up to 4 dishes and all the foods are yours.
  • You can taste at the school or take home with you.


  • Classes are for your group so everyone has maximum attention, support and benefit from cooking classes in our purposely built comfortable cooking kitchen. Be inspired by Chef Damiano and Chef Ha or one of our trained chefs as they will show you the basic skills which you can build and practice upon each week right through to impressive and delicious meal preparation.
  • All recipes will also be available on our website.  Try your dishes at home and if you have any trouble, feel free to give us a call and our lovely chefs will be sure to help you out! And if there is anything you’ve always wanted to know – feel free to ask the chefs. The chefs are always happy to be guided by you – if there is something you’ve always wanted to learn – chances are someone else might want to learn it too!

Join us in Ultimate Italian Cooking Courses Today!