Gift Voucher for him

If you man like cooking then get him to join us for a cooking experience to dscover the secrets of Asian Cooking with OTAO Kitchen. He will hear fascinating insight into our food culture and practices through learning about its food, cooking and eating.

Gift Voucher For Men

Quite often people associate cooking class for the ladies when buying gift voucher for men? Wrong! Our boys love cooking as much as our laddies do! Our food experiences are for anyone from avid foodies and experienced cooks, to those that don’t know how to cook at all.

Our cooking classes cater to all tastes and skill levels. Your dad, your husband, your brother or your boss… will love cooking experiences and food experiences, so he’ll be happy to know you bought him a great gift. Here’s a collection of the best deals we have on offer so you can give your man a bigger, better story on their special day!